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Intruder and Fire Alarm Systems

Armadillo Corporation installs sophisticated alarm systems using the latest radio and internet monitoring techniques and equipment to offer a comprehensive protection programme for private, commercial and industrial users. The systems are monitored from our control rooms using secure satellite or radio links, where fully trained supervisors can contact the emergency services on behalf of the client if required and can converse with the client exclusive of other telecommunications systems.

Close Protection

Armadillo Corporation offers a comprehensive and cost effective strategy to ensure that your everyday activities can run securely in the knowledge that your well ­ being is under careful observation and close protection.

Residential Security Team

Armadillo Corporation provide residential security which can be highly visual or as discreet as you require. A residential security team can be there 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Asset Protection

Armadillo Corporation offers an extensive range of manned security and associated asset protection services. We are able to provide different levels and variations of security based on the type and location of your business assets.

Valuable Asset Escorts

Armadillo Corporation offers a comprehensive and cost effective strategy to ensure that your everyday activities can run securely.


Armadillo Corporation can provide discreet personal security to VIP’s, celebrities and artists from the media industry.

Event Security

Armadillo Corporation specialises in providing a wide range of services for a range of events including business conferences, large sporting events, Annual General Meetings, etc.

Corporate Security

Armadillo Corporation supply a complete corporate security programme catering to individual company needs and requirements.

Security Awareness/Consultancy

Armadillo Corporation offers a realistic assessment of how best to minimise a threat to your business or person. Our consultations are professionally customised to suit

Armoured Vehicles

We can supply a wide range of new and ex-demonstrator vehicles outfitted and armoured up to B6. Please contact us for full details together with your explicit requirements for these vehicles.



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Division Profile

Armadillo Corporation offers a global service to anyone in need of top ­ calibre male and/or female Close Protection personnel. We also provide high ­ profile event security, residential/corporate security and have expert surveillance/counter surveillance teams at your disposal.

Client confidentiality is guaranteed. All of our personnel are diplomatic, discreet, courteous, respectful and appropriately dressed for any occasion, be it overt or covert.

No contract is too large or small for us to handle. Whether you want 20 Close Protection personnel for a high ­ risk hostile environment, or just one for a holiday resort, Armadillo Corporation can provide the tailor ­ made service you need.

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