Migrant or Refugee – A UK Foreign Aid Liability?

The UN has now admitted that only a very small proportion of migrants passing through Libya intent on reaching Europe by any means, are actually refugees seeking safety or sanctuary.  Why then is the UNCHR actively encouraging NGOs like MOAS, Save the Children, Red Cross and others to “rescue” the migrants and land them in Italy on a port quayside such as Cantorini?

This is a situation which only assists the people traffickers to make huge profits.  There are huge profits to be made on all sides, except the migrants. There is no moral reason why this situation should exist, at all!

I am currently investigating whether any of the NGOs directly involved, or, any of the upstream distributors, are receiving foreign aid from the UK. Most foreign aid from the UK is paid out via the Department for International Development headed by Piri Patel MP.  Although most UK government departments disburse public funds channelled overseas.

CDC plc is a company wholly owned by  the UK government and is responsible for investing UK public funds into businesses and start-up ventures mainly in Africa, but, elsewhere as well. It was set up in 1948 and remains the oldest investment company.  It has working capital of several millions but also allocates funds from DfID.

This year, DfID had an increase in their wages bill of 40%.

UK Foreign Aid is paid to pander to the UN under an Act by ex PM David Cameron who wanted it ring-fenced by Theresa May. It is an affront to those affected by the current austerity measures in place.

It is a £12 billion bill the UK cannot afford to give away with no guarantee the intended recipient is going to receive the money. Banks may be controlled by armed groups or country may be in civil conflict. Whatever the reason, it should be stopped and the DfID wound down with CDC group controlling the remaining capital.

Then the UK would be able to fund a world class military, NHS and education system. The UK should not be ruled by charities, but can co-exist with them.

John Colclough

4th July 2017

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