Letter to Theresa May – 9th June 2017

Dear Theresa May,

With the General Election behind us we are all looking forward to the Brexit negotiations and resultant deals.  The main point of my letter is to indicate how the general public feel, this of course being only my opinion, based on many conversations and chats on social media.

The stumbling blocks encountered during the election campaign will only be mentioned where they apply to Brexit.

I will start with immigration and the controls, because it is the major decision making topic of the referendum.  It is also current on social media. Immigration needs to be reduced to hundreds, not hundreds of thousands as you have proposed. Immigration controls need to include everyone not on a list of shortage skills and qualifications. It is important because our infrastructure is under real threat; schools, NHS, transport and local authority funding.  It is also linked to extremism and terrorism, as recent events have shown in various towns and cities up and down the country.

There is also a strong feeling of resentment against the Muslim community for many reasons which will be apparent to you already.

Because of the run down of our armed forces since the 1970s, it is important to review our needs post-Brexit, particularly the co-operation or lack of it, from the Commonwealth of Nations. Our international trade routes are going to be more vulnerable including the growing military threat from EU countries and our current trade routes with them. Our warship design programme is a shambles as is our reliance on US and EU military aircraft. It needs to be totally reformed with expert and grass roots advice.

Charity begins at home is a real truism and should be respected. The UK Foreign Aid payments are totally out of control and in complete disarray.  The ORDA 1948 which incorporated the CDC as the government-owned foreign aid investment company has been only partially successful.  There are very strong links between foreign aid and people trafficking/illegal immigration across the central Mediterranean area.  There is also a whole new industry which is developing where foreign aid funds are distributed by specialist organisations who do nothing else. Stop all foreign aid for a few years to allow the dust to settle. Allow CDC to continue to use its existing £3 billion or so capital but no more funding. Ignore the howls of protest, they are from the recipients of PUBLIC funds.

Nationalisation of the railways should be considered as a serious proposal; Network rail is after all virtually a nationalised organisation.

Pensions should be reserved under the triple-lock scheme as before.  We understand people are living longer but you should understand they are ALL voters.  Similarly, 18 year-old people become voters and should not have to pay college or university fees.  There should be proper apprenticeships and absolutely nobody in the UK should work for no pay or without a fixed term contract of minimum set hours of paid employment.

I hope this letter provokes some serious thought and discussion,

Yours most sincerely

John Colclough

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