Is There a New Order in Britain?


Has Britain lost it’s way and become the poor relative of the rest of the World?  I don’t think it has, but we have a lot of problems to clear up before we can once again be proud of our nation.

We are in grave danger of becoming the ethnic minority in our own country if we do not take urgent steps to control immigration and the way immigrants are allowed to behave once they live here.  The Home Office and the police have an enormous job to do here and being politically correct is not going to make it easier for them.  So let’s cut to the chase and drop political correctness.  It is, as it says, only a political excuse anyway.

There are no areas of the UK which are no-go areas except for defence, safety and intelligence agency reasons. NONE!

If the police and other members of the public cannot enter these so-called no-go areas because of intimidation or threats, then send in the military to remove the threat or threats from the areas.  Once done, do not allow the areas to be populated by the same or a similar threat.  There is no excuse.  Britain was a white European nation and has expanded since 1945 to accommodate immigrants and refugees from all over the world.  The real danger is that the white European native population being smothered and overtaken by the immigrant populations.  This has already happened and the situation does need to be reversed in some areas.  This is not being racist, this is being practical and realistic.

At one time in the not so distant, past, we had Christian church parades at Easter and on St George’s Day, there was also the opening of the Assizes with the Bishop and the judiciary being led through the city centre to the High Court.  Sadly, no longer.

There have been disgraceful examples where local councils have banned the Union Jack from being flown and displayed and other foreign flags or the EU flag being flown instead.  This is not nationalism or integration, THIS is Racism.

What is this new Order in Britain?  Can we take back some of the values we held and to some extent, still hold, dear to us and apply them again in Britain today?  Yes – I believe we can!

John Colclough

July 2017

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