Britain and our Role in NATO

Since President Trump was elected as US President, he has been highly critical of other bloc members who do not “pay their way”. It is reasonable for him to say that as USA obviously pays the lion’s share; based on 3% GDP defence spending.  So on the other side of the pond, Canada and the USA will not serve or send troops to Estonia. US troops will, however be stationed in Poland.

I believe that the UK role in NATO is one of subservience to the US and a role we can now, ill afford to relinquish.  However, we should continue to expand our armed forces in view of the global situation today and the military adventurism being considered by some states with global expansionism in mind.

The key states about which the UK should be concerned and monitor carefully; China, North Korea, Indonesia, Africa, Middle Eastern Gulf states South and Eastern Mediterranean states in particular. There are of course South America, central America and, under certain circumstances, the USA.

I have excluded Russia, because, as the US believe, I also believe, the country most likely to become aggressive is China.

As a bloc of states, the EU is the most ineffectual military combination with no military or defence plan and no central coordination outside of the NATO umbrella. But, separately the countries should not be discounted as only a small number are not NATO members.

The military forces which each member brings to the table in NATO are overshadowed by the USA with a very poor second, by comparison, being the United Kingdom. To become independent of NATO, if the USA pulls out, which it may do, would be difficult given the small, inefficient size of our armed forces. We find it increasingly difficult to recruit for reasons I don’t wish to explore here. As a result, even if the UK invested in equipment, including ships and aircraft, it may not be able to provide sufficient trained manpower without resorting to conscription (another battle, another war).

It is time for Britain to ‘gird her loins’ and become, once again, a world power, to become Great Britain.

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