UK Foreign Aid

It is now time to call a halt to the indecent amount of our (the taxpayers’) money being spent on foreign aid under all of its guises.

The way in which money is allocated to the different projects administered by the Department for International Development is actually quite staggering.  The complexity is designed to hide the real truth of mismanagement on a grand scale.

“UK aid is spent where it is most needed and is subject to rigorous internal and external checks and scrutiny at all stages. The UK’s aid programmes are scrutinised by the Independent Commission for Aid Impact, the International Development Select Committee and Public Accounts Committee in Parliament, and the National Audit Office. This is in addition to internal monitoring and evaluation to ensure projects stay on track and deliver value for taxpayers’ money.”

” UK aid has been life-saving and life-changing for millions of the poorest people around the world. We have supported 11 million children through school. We have helped more than 60 million people get access to clean water, better sanitation and improved hygiene conditions. We are leading the global effort to save millions of girls from child marriage and Female Genital Mutilation.”

None of it really true of course.  You will have seen the television adverts for various charities asking the UK public for donations for clean water, schools, books for children and many more.  For the charities and Non-Government Organisations, this would be the icing on the cake.  Most get their money through centralised charity organisations so they can actually re-distribute the wealth (our money) obtained through UK foreign aid, the DFID.  We are talking about £ billions every year.

Meantime, councils and government departments (not DFID) have to save £ billions every year.  The Royal Navy can’t afford to man ships, recently the Defence Minister warned he may cut out the Royal Marines to the minimum.  The NHS keeps bleating it is also short of money (that’s another story though).  So all of these cutbacks are to finance some do-gooder in Ethiopia or elsewhere to waste more and more of the UK tax-payer money.

“Britain’s aid strategy recognises that tackling poverty overseas means tackling the root causes of global problems that affect all of us, such as disease, migration, and terrorism. The Department for International Development is the UK’s primary channel for aid, but to respond to the changing world, more aid will be administered by other government departments, such as the Home Office, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Department of Health, and Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, drawing on their complementary skills.”

“The government will invest more through its aid programme to tackle the causes of instability, insecurity and conflict, and to tackle crime and corruption. DFID is already working with the Metropolitan Police, National Crime Agency, and HMRC to recover funds stolen from developing countries, and help countries build proper tax systems and robust institutions so they can stand on their own two feet.”

So, you can see from UK news media over the last couple of years that the Government has not been successful with hardly any of this messy spending, not just the DFID budget, but with the rest of the foreign aid, misspent by various other Government departments.