(Contrary to the Force of Nature)

There is said by many that there is a “special relationship” between the governments of the United Kingdom and the United States.  When one looks at the history of the two nations and how they have co-operated with each other over the last 70 years, it is not at all difficult to see that there is indeed, a very special relationship forged by greed and imperialism on a grand scale.  The atrocities carried out by both countries in their pursuit of this greed, hidden under the veil of imperialism, would astound even the most hardened politicians on both sides of the “pond”.

I am not going to provide a chronological history since the end of World War 2, but, rather a description of what has transpired and the effects on current decisions and how it might affect the two countries and their future role in the world.

So, two mature democracies connive together – but to what real purpose?  Not just oil, gold, minerals and diamonds – surely?

The answer seems to be far more complex than that.  In fact, it seems to stem mainly from dominance rather than just greed.  All the properties above are craved for and guarded jealously and zealously by the two powers but, in addition, the two states look for dominance across the world, not just in their own back yards.  Evidence of this can be seen in the protection of the Trucial States in the Persian Gulf, control of the Mediterranean, the Suez Canal and then across to all the areas East of Suez.

It would seem that there is no end to the areas that the two states crave dominance over.  However, South America seems to have escaped the intensive scrutiny of the two.  Maybe because of the lack of the materials and oil in useful quantities and qualities.

Looking back at recent events and the dialogue between President Trump and Prime Minister May, I believe that the relationship between the two countries has become stronger – especially when one considers the retaliation against terrorism and the huge amount of speculation surrounding the UK exit from the European Union.

There is also the increased militarism to consider, by both countries but, especially the United States.