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Support our UK Armed Forces and their fight for justice. We support our armed forces wherever they serve.

We also hope that our UK Armed Forces based in our overseas territories understand and empathise with the history and legal occupants of those territories – we will support them all the way.

It is sad to see the terrorist attacks in France and Germany, and their pathetic attempts to cow the brave and resilient French and German populations.

The deaths are now counted in hundreds.

It is even sadder that hardly a European newspaper headline reported on the hundreds of THOUSANDS killed in Indonesia and East Timor.

What is needed is a real sense of proportion and a determination not to let it happen.  The world political leaders should take responsibility to ensure that these events can NEVER happen.


Former residents of the Chagos Islands who were forcibly removed from their homeland more than 40 years ago have lost their legal challenge to return.

Families left the Indian Ocean islands in the 1960s and 70s to make way for a US Air Force base on Diego Garcia, the largest of the group of islands.

An Immigration Order preventing anyone from going back was issued in 1971.

The Supreme Court – UK’s highest court – upheld a 2008 House of Lords ruling that the exiles could not return.

Yet another political lie fostered by our politicians over the years which could have been swiftly rectified by our current government.  How appropriate that our Supreme Court should make their decision known after our prime minister has announced his resignation – GREAT TIMING BY ANOTHER BUNCH OF IDIOTS


This site supports all UK armed forces personnel and veterans from UK armed forces and associated Commonwealth countries. We hope our newly-deployed troops to Helmand Province are safe and well over their deployment.


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